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Eli ValentinAbout Eli Valentin

Eli Valentin has over 16 years of political and governmental experience. He currently serves as political advisor and consultant to various elected officials across several states. Eli Valentin has produced top-notch direct mail campaigns for various campaigns and progressive organizations across the country.

In addition to his political experience, Eli Valentin has served as Senior Pastor at several congregations in New York City. He has a master’s degree from Union Theological Seminary (Columbia University) and is a sought-after lecturer in college and university settings.

I was impressed with Eli Valentin’s talent, professionalism, and responsiveness. He offered suggestions on messaging based on his experience, so that pieces could be as effective as they could possibly be. The result was campaign literature that was not brushed aside by the voter, but broke through the avalanche of political mail and was actively engaged by the voter.

I will be excited to work with Valentin Consulting again in the future, and I happily recommend his work to my political colleagues!”
— State Representative Jim Glenn, Kentucky